Manos de Barro

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Manos de Barro


MANOS DE BARRO // Men + Women's Clay Circle

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4:00 - 7:00 pm
Wimberley, TX

A new clay gathering inviting men + women to join forces and hands in honor of co-creating with the Earth.

MANOS DE BARRO is an inclusive workshop for men + women, exploring the healing art of our creativity and connection to clay. 

In present modern time, creative gatherings for both genders have been put on the back burner. However, what is needed now more than ever is the union of conversations + visions we all carry.

In ancestral times, villages are strung together with individual male + female roles in order to live in harmony with each other. In these indigenous clay villages, men trek to the rivers to harvest clay, then transport their bounty home. Meanwhile, the women prepare the arrival of their daily / weekly harvest. They both process the clay, uniting their individual efforts. Once the clay is processed and dried, the women then begin to work with it.

Manos de Barro was born in reverence to this masculine + feminine thread and in celebration of our greatest tools, our hands.

In this workshop, 

We will experience a brief informative lesson on traditional earthenware pottery, the transformation of earth into vessel and it's metamorphosis through fire.
We will explore the ancient technique of coil forming to create a vessel of our own.
We will express our voice through sculpting + community sharing.
We will embrace our hands as our creative compass.

10 spots available per workshop.

All ages are welcome!
Please inquire for 'couples price'.

All materials, glazing, firing and workshop booklet included.
Local pick-up available / Shipping fees are charged day of workshop.

* Homemade libation and healthy bites will be provided *

Easy To Breathe Studio location will be e-mailed a few days prior to gathering.

Cancellation Policy ~

Refunds will not be provided for cancellations within 48 hours of event.  

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