imagine being rooted in one place under one sun


here you are

a simple state of stillness.

as we receive every inch of energy

around us, within us

 we let ourselves grow.

we move

we build

we become different

we endure

we sprout

we connect

we come together

without anything but illumination.

inner radiance.



once you take a second to step out of your stillness,

you'll meet the community you've helped create

you'll watch your own authentic universe evolve.

you won't be alone

you aren't alone.


a desert blooming with life

is an ocean of love within.


keep flowing through your currents.

hydrate your endurance.

you are born with the energy of a rising sun

you are driven by a grounding consciousness.

like cacti, you are one of your own.

be still

be strong.



Saguaro NP + Sedona, AZ