To the Forest We Go

Nothing but the Giants' welcoming whispers,
a mobile home, family and a camera.
It's only appropriate to make a spontaneous/don't really think about it, just jump in the car decision to kick off an adventure, right?
Perhaps taking the 50 minute winding road from Three Rivers through Generals highway just in time to catch the remnants of the sunset
at 6,400 ft, or the eye-drooling views and fresh mountain air made for an unbelievable welcome.

Warm sunshine and brisk winds accompanied us as we trekked through Congress Trail, Giant Forest, Crescent Meadow and Moro Rock.
Immersing ourselves in the wild, wise forest, hugging Sequoias left and right, climbing 300 ft to Moro Rock's breathtaking lookout, crossing into closed
trails to enjoy a picnic amongst the trees, listening to their gentle yet powerful movements, and taking a moment to sit still,
feel grounded and realize how equal we all are in the midst of giant wonders..
how small our troubles can be, and how easy it is to show appreciation for one another and the simple pleasures in life.

Disconnecting into the magic of Sequoia to reconnect with
family alongside was the bees knees.
Family is the bees knees.
Explore together often. 

Sequoia National Forest