In Depth with Mariana Mae


Mariana Mae is an artist and visionary native to Coyoacan, Mexico. Currently residing in the Valley of Ojai, California, Mariana offers her work under the wingspan of Easy To Breathe.
Since 2015, she’s created this vehicle to share her clay work, cultural, educational offerings and series of women’s circles and ceremonial gatherings.

Mariana’s work is rooted in the core principle of recognizing ethnicity in our own understanding and identity of Self. As a student of her Mexica lineage and native dialect, Nahuatl, Mariana is a cultural interpreter, ancestral craft educator and a language translator in retreats and ceremonies in Mexico and United States.

Since moving to the U.S, Mariana has studied various art forms as a healing modality for expression. Mariana is passionate about the grammar of animacy. She believes language and communication are far deeper than words, but rather a work of art which carries a message of meaning and purpose. Mariana believes each individual is born with a distinct way of learning and thus a unique way of expressing oneself. Mariana has been teaching ceramics and art therapy since 2008, starting at Bitter Root Pottery Studio and Westland School in Los Angeles, CA, and later founding Pottery Workshops for children and adults in her studio in Ojai, CA.

The teachings shared by Mariana are influenced in art therapy, women’s studies, linguistic anthropology and indigenous education. She humbly acknowledges the vital role of being a woman with innate gifts and talents in our society today. With reverence to ancient generations of artisanal and medicine women, Mariana strives to expose and preserve their traditions through her newly released project, Ser Mujer. In this documentary film series, she documents the legacy of indigenous craftswomen of various cultures whom continue to carry the tradition of primitive pottery around the globe.

Mariana is a devoted practitioner of diverse spiritual practices in alignment with her Nahua lineage. Mariana’s work highlights our emotional wounds as tools, being in right relationship with the natural world, expressing our voice through song and cultivating creativity in celebration of the story we are here on this Earth to tell. Mariana is currently a student of Curanderismo and a practitioner of herbalism and medicinal plants under the tutelage of Cacao. As her act of service, Mariana shares the medicine of Cacao in combination with Clay in her women’s ceremonial workshop, Mujeres de Barro. This workshop is a blend of honoring our raw nature as women to heal ourselves with the cultivation of compassion and discovery of our own creative language with clay.

With immense pleasure and honor, Mariana shares her exploratory endeavors with communities near and far, known and unknown. As a privileged individual living in the U.S, Mariana has hope in the remembrance and restoration of a healthy, creative, conscious society by living in awareness of the ever-evolving theories of Science and Spirit, and in gratitude to the abundant, healing resources from our true place of origin, our Mother Earth.